Accidentally deleted a few devices in config.yaml - how to reconnect?

Hi - my first post here. I’m quite new to the zigbee2mqtt world - but looks like a great tool for home automation.

I accidentally deleted a few lines in the “devices” section in the configuration.yaml file. I guess this is the reason why I cannot pair those two devices again, they are still remembered somewhere in a DB or something. Is there a way to delete the remaining entries to that I’m able to reconnect my IKEA devices? I had only those two ikea devices connected, so resetting the zigbee2mqtt DB is not a problem, but I want to try to avoid reinstalling the whole raspberry pi.

Any tips?

Did you try adding back those IDs to the config file?

Hmmmm. Not sure where to find the IDs. I guess they are in the DB somewhere?

Tried to rename the files database.db --> .old and state.json --> old. Then did an ./update and was hoping the update script created new database.db and state.json files. But with no luck…