Adding new GLEDOPTO Device

I try to get to run a GL-MC-001 GLEDOPTO USB LED Driver to work…

There is already an ISSUE which has been closed, that the device was added.
But in the latest Version I downloaded the device is not implemented yet.
I found a new devices.js at, which already has the new device implemented.
Do I only have to download the one file and replace it or what else is to do, to get it to work.

As a workaround a added the newID to an existing GLEDOPTO Device .GL-C-008
ON OFF COLOR and brightness work.
But only the RGB LEDs the white LEDs on the RGB CCT Stripe do not work…
SO I hope the new devices.js will fix it.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Hello! Are you using the edge version of zigbee2mqtt? Mine works with that version.