Adding new support for HIVE SIGNAL BOOSTER


I’ve added a Hive Signal Booster to the mesh. It works even if not “supported” in zigbee2mqtt. By works I mean that I see it in the graph and it routes plenty of devices.

Now I’d like to see it also in Home Assistant… as I see a CC2530 router (just link quality and on or off).

I’ve added

    zigbeeModel: ['SLB2'],
    model: 'SLB2',
    vendor: 'Hive',
    description: 'HIVE SIGNAL BOOSTER',
    fromZigbee: [],
    toZigbee: [],

to devices.js


    'SLB2': [cfg.binary_sensor_router],

to homeassistant.js.

So I can see it in HASS but it is not reporting any link.

Any ideas ?


added a github issue: