Any issues with Xiaomi devices over time? (lockdown?!?)

Hi great people of zigbee2mqtt community!

Did any of you with Xiaomi devices have issues with them over time? My main concern is lockdown from manufacturers so that we can’t use devices any other way but via their gateways…

Has this been an issue with Xiaomi devices so far?

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Anyone here with long-term experience with Xiaomi devices?

What are you afraid of ? If a xiaomi device is connected to zigbee2mqtt, it can’t update its firmware. So once it works, it stays working. I have aquara motion sensors and xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors, and they work fine.


@francisp the issue is if I need additional sensor and I buy ones with latest firmware and they are somehow blocked from working with zigbee2mqtt.

Zigbee is (more or less) a standard. More : any new device that is introduced needs to follow the zigbee 3.0 protocol, or it won’t be certfied as zigbee device. So there is little chance to that.