Arduino project?

Hi all!
I’m new to zigbee2mqtt and I’m testing it successfully with an IKEA bulb and home assistant. I’ve different arduino and relay boards around. Some are used with 866mhz radio, but I’m thinking to switch all to zigbee.
Is there a project I could follow?

No ideas?
Otherwise, is there a supported device which has a relay but is NOT using 220V as actuator? I mean, I need to turn on/off a device which should not be powered by 220V. I.e. I’ve a relay board which open/close a signa connected to a remote (garage). So I use it to “simulate” the press of the remote button of the garage :smiley:

Hi all!
Sorry if I reply again and bring the thread up… hope someone can help me!
What exactly I need is a device (relay board) with dry contacts.
Pls heeeelp :slight_smile: