Best motion sensor?

I currently have 2 Xiaomi Motion sensors they work OK. But I swap out routers a lot which means I need to repair them often. Which is a know issue with them.

So I’ve been looking at some alternatives. How are people liking the Hue Motion and Smartthings 2018 ones?

Both look good, the hue especially since it has AAAA batteries instead of CR2 and also offers temperature and lux sensor.

If I go the Hue route I could probably replace both my Xiaomi Motion and Maiji Light sensor with one device. (As it also suffers from same issue where it does not pick new routes).

So anybody have any good or bad experiences with either devices?

Develco units are very good but not sold to end customer I think… Heiman make decent units too.

Yeah I saw the Develco MOSZB-130’s but I couldn’t find much info on the battery they use… or indeed where to buy them.

I use the new Tradfri motion sensors and they work very good for me. The newer ones can be aimed (they aim down). Only problem is the fixed timeout of 3 minutes until the motion clears, but that’s fine for me in the way i set up my automations. I don’t have a lot of experience with others.

But no temperature/lux sensor. They use a pair of CR2032 batteries, which last about 4 months for me.

I currently have a Hue Motion (indoor) and Trådfri one incomming, althoug the trådfri one will take a few weeks because the chairs I ordered with it are out of stock.