BlitzWolf BW-IS4


I’m pretty new to ZigBee/zigbee2mqtt and all zigbee devices, so don’t be mean with me…

I have a CC2531 flashed with zigbee2mqtt, HA and zigbee2mqtt add-on (all latest versions (I guess)), all working with Xiaomi/Aquara sensors.

I have tried to pair a new BW-IS4, I know that it’s not supported but found that TS0201 is the same and should be supported, but my thing is when I press BW-IS4 button for 5-10seg the network icon blinks, but nothing show in zigbee2mqtt log, so i think it’s not being detected…

Anyone managed to make it work with this kind of configuration?



Same here. Did you find a solution?

It should be supported in the latest versions. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. Banggood is not that fast :frowning:

My BW-IS4 added without problems a month ago.
vendor: TuYa
model: TS0201
description: Temperature & humidity sensor with display
Have you tried the old favourite -
Stop z2m
Unplug your CC2531
Plug it back in
Restart z2m
Try re-pairing