Brightness issue in HA with Hue

I have noticed that when using a Philips Hue bridge I can only dim to minimum in Home Assistant when using the slider when selecting af Philips Hue bulb. It does not turn off the light.
When using zigbee2mqtt the light turns off when going to minimum with the slider.
Also I can see that when sending the value 1 to a Hue bulb it turns off with zigbee2mqtt. When using Hue bridge it does not turn off with the value 1.

I think this is a bug that you should perhaps raise on GitHub. The Hue hub did used to turn off the lights on a value of 1, but they updated it as, as you rightly say, it shouldn’t. I would imagine z2m needs to be made to do the same.

I might do that but guess I have to update z2m to the most recent version first. I don´t know if this is also an issue in the newest version. Do you?

I’m on the latest versions of home Assistant and z2m (stable, not Edge version) and I can use the slider to take the brightness down to 1. It doesn’t turn the light off for me. I did it above the developer tools and you can see it actually equates to a brightness of 3 on the 1-255 scale (the scale on the slider is percentage, the bulb actually uses 0-255).

I tried it now with both a bulb on z2m and one on Hue bridge.
With the slider at minimum both returns 1 in the developer tools.
The z2m hue bulb turns off and the hue bridge bulb is at minimum.

I noticed this behaviour after using z2m for my light instead of the Hue bridge.
A lot of my automations uses 1 as value for minimum level and suddenly many bulbs turned off instead of dimming to minimum.