Buying advice to get started

I’ve ordered a zigbee sniffer to play with zigbeemqtt on a raspberry. I need some devices too, maybe just a bulb to get started. Which should I buy? Is any IKEA smart bulb ok? Should I buy a dimmer too?

I’m considering IKEA stuff because I’m going to the store anyway but any other brand I can buy online is fine.


I started with an aqara temperature sensor. The main reason because I wanted to measure the temp in my barn, to make sure the fridge won’t get too hot or too cold. Anyways, this was really easy to setup.

Actually I am seeking for advice myself now to find out what is best to be placed as wall switches. I found the ZigUP project, but I am not sure this will fit in the netherlands.

I haven’t found any nice zigbee devices that can be mounted behind a wall switch yet. Therefore I chose for the shelly 1 (sonoff mini is also an option). Currently have 20+ of them running nicely :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing what your wifi setup looks like? Do you have multiple access points? What brand / type?

Also, I wonder if you did you actually try and fit the Sonoff mini? It looks a bit bigger on the images? Other than that; nice product too!

I think I might better upgrade one or more ubiquiti’s if I’d go for an approach like this.

Anyways, I ordered the ZigUp PCB’s, so if I ever manage to get all the parts on properly, I’ll let you know if it’s working properly :slight_smile:

I have the shelly roller shutter which worked perfectly out of the box. So I guess that could be an option if Zigbee fails me, or if I fail Zigbee.