Cant get Zigbee2mqtt to work FOH / Hue bulp

HI all

Pulling my hair getting this to work. So hard to make it work :frowning:

My setup:

Unraid server - Docker Zigbee2MQTT and MQTT broker
Passhthough to docker Zigbee2MQTT
Sonoff 3.0 Zigbee controller ZBDongel plus

I was thinking to use a Lightbee FOH switch to controll my Fyrtur blinds in my licing room
BUM first road block:

To get zigbee2MQTT to work with a Green power FOH you need a philips hue device to “Translate”
EDIT: Got a bulp paired now :slight_smile: Okay now i found a philips hue bulp - Tryed to reset it with 5 and 7 power on/off but Z2M cant see it.

Can somebody help me going or is this just waste of time?
Regards Daniel and thanks!