CC1352P ore CC26x2R

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i will buye a new hardware, but what are the main differences between the CC1352P and CC26x2R?
which is more powerful?
what is in the future more supportet by zigbee2mqtt? (firmware support)?

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See here:

Pasted for ease:


  • :+1: Has a built in PA/LNA for potentially better range (assuming Z2M will support enablement - enhancement is raised). RF design includes shield.
  • :+1: Has a built in SMA antenna connector (although its necessary to de/re-solder a tiny SMD capacitor to switch from PCB antenna to SMA. Should provide increase in range.
  • :+1: Can support sub 1GHz - opening the possibility for 868MHz (EU) and 915MHz (NA) zigbee for better range (technically possible but no idea how many end devices support it) and possibly other applications in the future… IMO this “benefit” should not be a consideration at the point.
  • :-1: Bigger PCB (~2cm) than the CC26X2R1
  • :-1: A little ($10) more expensive than the CC26X2R1
  • There are two versions with different RF suitability - The P-2 version favours 2.4GHz rather than sub 1GHz and this would be the recommended version to obtain for Z2M
  • :+1: STL for 3D printed case here:


  • :+1: Seems to be the preferred board on this thread (maybe we need a poll?)
  • :+1: Slightly smaller PCB than the CC1352P
  • :+1: A little cheaper than the CC1352P and more sellers than just TI.
  • :+1: There is a STL for 3D printed case:
  • :+1: Another STL for 3D printed case here:
  • :-1: Theoretically less range than CC1352P due to lack of RF frontend
  • :-1: Possibility to use external antenna (with move of the tiny SMD capacitor) but the required JSC-SMA antenna adaptor is not cheap (~20 euros)
  • :-1: No support for sub-1GHz but there is no clear advantage of this currently

Other notes:

  • There does not appear to be any more economical options from aliexpress etc for either.
  • Both have built in JTAG programmer so no need for external programmer

At the moment it actually seems the CC2652 is the more expensive(?). So it seems the CC1352 is the better buy (if you can stand the size)?

Does anyone have any experience running either with Z-stack 3.0 and zigbee-herdsman in real life home automation ? Stable?

I’m about the change out the Deconz software to zigbee-herdsman for my zigbee needs and maybe also change out the ConBee USB stick (although zigbee-herdsman will gain support for this too(?)).

On TI site the cc1352p is $49.99 and the CC25x2r is $39.99

If you found the cc1352p cheaper great :slight_smile:

I found the red cc1352p dev board on sale on AliExpress, but generally as you said it’s the more expensive one.

Another thing: this cheap ebyte cc1352 board is not usable for our purpose? Does anyone know if it is missing the CC Debugger/flasher and also other connections?

E79-400DM2005S CC1352P SUB-1GHz 2.4GHz SMD IoT Transceiver 20dBm 5dBm IPEX Wireless Module

I advise not to buy from Aliexpress.
Apparantly you might get older board/mcu revision.
Ask the seller before buying…

There is info on this in the github thread for cc1352p support - search :slight_smile:

This might well be good but you’ll need a separate jtag programmer to program the device + you’ll need to know how to connect it all up. Not impossible for sure :slight_smile: but I think beyond most people to achieve. There is an interesting thread on cc2538 using similar module. You can find in github

@Hijinx Can you provide some more information? “Has a built in SMA antenna” - “to switch from PCB antenna to SMA”. Why switch when it already has SMA? And why from SMA to SMA? Sorry but 60 Euro investment - I want to make sure that I understand what I buy.

See this post. CC1352P - switch to external antenna instead of PCB

It shows the smd capacitor that routes the rf signals either to/from the pcb antenna or to/from the sma. By default it connects to the pcb antennna, so to use the sma port that cap needs to be desoldered and resoldered to a different pad.

Hope it helps

A little bit. Thanks. Nevertheless the answer is that threat is still unanswered. Is it just enough to remove that cap in order to activate the external antenna?

what equipment do you use for desolder this cap?
i have tried it with a ts80, without access :confused:
i will not damage the board