CC2531 Router blinking red

After successfully pairing a CC2531 router (shows up in the log and in the network map) it looks like it doesn’t build a mesh and it blinks red.

What does a blinking led on the CC2531 mean?

Ok so after pairing it again it builds a mesh.

@Koenkk is there a way to turn off the blinking (every 2-3 seconds) red led on the CC2531 router?

Also I noticed that it shows up as a CC2530 in the network map. Woudl you say this is a bug?

Im using two cc2531 sticks as routers and both flash.
AFAIK there is no way to turn it off.
Maybe ptvoinfo who wrote the f/w can confirm?

From ptvoinfo

Red light:

short fast blinks (one per second) – the router is connecting to a network.
long blinks (one short flash per 4 seconds) – normal operations.
three short blinks – the router cannot send a report to a coordinator.

Apparently the light cannot be turned off as of now. I fixed mine with a bit of electrical tape. :slight_smile:

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