CC2538 + CC2592 on aliexpress

can someone tell me if this CC2538 + CC2592 board can be used as zigbee2mqtt coordinator?


it can.

jeppper, do you mean it coudl be an alternative hardware of [dimaiv] Dmitrij usb stick?

I have bought that one and it is working fine. I don´t know about the one from Aliexpress. Could also be okay.

the one you bought was already flashed?

Yes it was plug and play.

I have just ordered this board and am now looking to flash it.
It has a cJTAG connector instead of a JTAG connector. Of course, none of the JTAG cables or adapters I have fit. Anyone has a clue what kind of cJTAG adapter I need? I have been searching high and low.

Hi All, I use the aliexpress module and it works great. I also designed and printed a 3d case so if anyone is interested it’s here.