CC26X2R1 external antenna

How should I connect the external antenna to the CC26X2R1?

Do I need to “solder” the antena to the board?
Do I have to do anything else?

I’ve looked information about it, but I have found little information.
Basically this: and this:

But I don’t see those C24 and C14.

Anyone more experienced with this boards that could help me?
How do I connect the external antenna?
How do I “select” it?

Here a picture of the board with the “unattached” antenna.

Thank you!

To the left of your antenna connector is a very tiny resistor.
Desolder it and rotate it 90 °. Then resolder it so that it is in
paralell to the short edge of the board.( don’t know how to say it in english)

This is the only way,

I’m also considering to do this to my board.

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Hi @jd-1900 can you share which antenna you’re using and what was the link quality improvement? Much appreciated.