Convert your former Xiaomi Gateway into a router to expand your network mesh

If like me , you have your former xiaomi gateway lying around, you probably would like to reuse it as something useful.

Here is my proposal: let’s flash its zigbee chip to use it as a router that will improve our zigbee mesh.
More information here :


Great idea!!!
If you could figure out how to get access to the LEDs an other sensors too that would be pretty impressive :slight_smile:

Based on my investigation, leds and button are not tied to the zigbee MCu but to the wifi chip. Therefore, there is no easy way to have access to it.

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I sucesfully booted custom Linux Buildroot distrubution on EU gateway (without WiFi suport ať the moment). Are you interested in colaboration? I should be able to control leds And other peripherals.

Hi Paul94cz

Did you make any progress on this? I hope so.

I would love to use my Xiaomi gateway (I have a zhwg11lm )as a simple router.
If the audio and light is controlable that would be sccesible (either via zigbee or wifi) that would be a bonus.