Copy configuration.yaml for pairing to an notebook and back to server

I run zigbee2mqtt on windows10(Bootcamp MacBook) and windows7(VirtualBox MacMini 2009),
Both working fine in different times.
Sometimes it is not possible pairing devices with the MacMini running zigbee2mqtt.
I can’t move it everywhere for pairing.
So i like to use the macbook to pairing devices, which are not reachable for the MacMini.
I shut down the MacMini and put the cc2531 Stick to the MacBook and starting zigbee2mqtt on bootcamp.
The MacBook and the MacMini has both the same comport (com4) in Windows for the cc2531.

I use the notbook now to pairing the device to zigbee2mqtt and every thing works fine.
I get access to the device in Node-Red.
Can i now simple copy the configuration.yaml with the new pairing device from the MacBook to the MacMini to working in zigbee2mqtt or are there any issues i have to solve?
Did the new paired device work with the same cc2531 Stick in the MacMini with this copied configuration.yaml?


Copy /opt/zigbee2mqtt/data from one instance to the other. (after stopping zigbee2mqtt !)