Could Zigbee2mqtt cause problems for a Hue setup and recommend mesh wifi


I recently setup some new outdoor Hue lights (Lily spots) with my Hue Bridge.

My RPi + CC2531 running Zigbee2MQTT and node red was nearby and was open for pairing.

Pairing with the Hue Bridge wasn’t easy, I had to to enter the serial numbers for each device to get the bridge to find them but eventually I got all thee paired.

The lights are outside and withing a few metres of each other, however one or two of them keep dropping off and becoming unavailable to the bridge which is 12 metres away, but through a couple of doors .

My question is, shouldn’t the lights be routing for each other? If one is connected that should be enough for all of them as they are close by?

I also noticed that when I list the devices that the CC2531 is aware of us it has acquired 3 routers (but no new endpoints). How does Zigbee routing work? Will any routing device act as a router for any other device or do they all need to be in the same “network”? I.e. has Hue lost the routing ability of these devices because they got taken by the CC2531?

Assuming that this is NOT the case can anyone recommend a solution? I am also struggling with Wifi in my garden so am considering a new mesh network. Can anyone recommend a good mesh network that also does a good job of routing Zigbee?

For example the TP LInk Deco M9 supports Zigbee but I don’t know whether you have to join its network and “hub” to take advantage of this or whether it provides this service for any Zigbee device?