Danalock - Device not supported

I’m trying to pair a Danalock V3, but ZigBee2MQTT (updated just a couple of days ago) returns:
Device with modelID ‘V3-BTZB’ is not supported

I’ve tried to pair it many times with the CC2531 just a couple of cm from it, but nothing.
Any idea?

Just tagging along this thread as I’m very curious about this. The docs says it is supported as I’m sure you know.

I currently use Deconz/Conbee with this Danalock and it works all right, but I’m planning to switch over to CC2652 and Zigbee-herdsman so would like to hear some experience and tips with this lock here.

Yes, yes, I boutght because I’ve seen that it’s supported.
I don’t know what I may have done wrong :man_shrugging:

Maybe you could make a github issue for this?

Well, I’ve tried with a new Rpi and a new dongle that I’ve just flashed with the latest firmware and after some “interview_failed”, it paired.
I guess I just had to update the firmware of the CC2531.