Debounce / Debounce_ignore


I’m trying to restrict the number of messages being posted by my motion detectors (Philips Hue motion sensor, indoors), except for occupancy, so I’ve made the following change

  friendly_name: living_room_motion_sensor
  debounce: 300
    - occupancy

and restarted zigbee2mqtt. I had assumed (perhaps wrongly) that all attributes except occupancy would be ignored whenever a ‘change’ occurred.

What appears to be happening is whenever there is motion, the ‘occupancy’ is set to true and remains with that status until movement is detected again, where a message with ‘occupancy’ false is sent, followed by a true state (and if motion trigger time is longer than 5 minutes (300 seconds in my instance), false is not returned at all, but a true state is sent again. See screenshot MQTT Explorer.

Has anyone else experienced this?