Device not pairing

Hello, I have ZigBee2Mqtt running on a Raspberry Pi 3a and all devices paired are working fine.
So I want to add an additional device and changed in the configuration.yaml to permit_joint=true.
But what ever I try, the pairing process does not start. I have tried it with various devices, but no success.

I have no glue what the reason for this can be.

Does anyone have an idea what I can try?
Thanks Martin

I believe you have to restart zigbee2mqtt before it re-reads configuration,yaml.

You can also publish the MQTT topic “zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/permit_join” with payload “true” to enable it in real-time. See the documentation for more information.

– Steven

I guess the issue is not that the configuration ignores the permit_join. I changed the setting, restart zigbee2mqtt and I can see, that the app is in the mode of permit_join=true.
But the pairing, no matter which device I try, is not starting, either a battery device or a plug.

For me it seems that for what ever reason the controller does not react on the paring request of the device.
In the log I cannot an error that would explain the behaviour.


CC2531/CC2530 coordinator only:

Stop Zigbee2MQTT, unplug the coordinator, wait 10 seconds, plug the coordinator, start Zigbee2MQTT and try to pair the device again.

You are right, worked pretty well!