I have an adapter for the Saswell SEA802 TRV that works.
I have no knowledge how to submit the code to git but here is a zip-file containing the code.

Place the folder ‘saswell’ into the folder ‘adapters’ and edit ‘’ adding ‘from adapters.saswell import saswell_adapters’ and ‘**saswell_adapters,

Once done - pair the TRV - you will find several new devices.

I could not find a way to actually code the TRV in the way the Tuya app does.
This maybe possible for someone with more knowledge, however this works for me.

Here are the new devices and their function:

  • SWITCH - Device, this is the on or off switch for the TRV
  • SWITCH - Schedule, this defines the mode or who controls the Schedule. ‘Device’ means AUTO mode, ‘Domoticz’ means MANUAL mode.
  • SWITCH - Away, switches between normal operation and frost protection.
  • UTILITY - Setpoint, here you change the room temperature, use the ‘Timers’ as schedule.
  • TEMPERATURE - Temperature, the actual (local) temperature of the area the TRV is installed.

In my home I use the ‘Away’ switch, allowing me to set the whole home into hibernation, the ‘Setpoint’ to control the temperature and the temperature sensor for information. I found no use for the other two switches. I simply set the TRV manually to the mode ‘MANU’.