End nodes not connecting to Ikeasignal repeater (E1746)

I have one Ikea signal repeater (E1746) and one diy repeater with a CC2531 board. All run ok but looking at the network map I noticed that no end nodes are connected to the Ikea repeater. It does have connections to the coordinator and the CC2531 router. The CC2531 router does have both, connections to end nodes and the Ikea repeater. One temp sensor is 2 mtr away from the Ikea repeater so I would expect it to connect to it. Looks like the Ikea is a repeater only and does not support end nodes.
Is this correct?

How long you have the repeater running ? It takes some time for the routes to adjust. If you want to force your temp sensor to connect through the repeater, you can re-pair it where it is now.

It was running for several days. I did the re-pair action as you suggested and that works, I now see this sensor connected to the Ikea repeater. Thanks for the suggestion.