Endpoints not connecting to routers

Recently added a CC2530 router and Hue bulb to my Zigbee network, both devices are recognized by Zigbee2mqtt as routers, but none of endpoints/sensors are connecting to the routers.

Both the CC2530 and the Hue bulb are physically closer to all of my sensors, yet have no connections.

All my sensors (8) are Xiaomi Aqara or MiJia devices,which I understand might not play nicely with the Hue bulbs but I was expecting them to work with the CC2530. Coordinator is a CC2531.

Any tips or tricks for getting end points to make better use of routers?

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I did read a post somewhere, that none of the Xiaomi sensors reconnect to an closer router. even when the router they are connected to is gone.
You have to re-pair them so they can connect to your new hue-bulb or CC2530