Error: AF data request fails, status code: 233. MAC no ack

Two lights in my set up are off - but actually show as on. When I try to turn them off in the interface (Home Assistant) the following error occurs:

{"type":"zigbee_publish_error","message":"Error: AF data request fails, status code: 233. MAC no ack.", "meta":{"entity": "ID":"0x7cb03eaa00a61cb3","type":"device","friendlyName":"back_door_light"},"message":"{\"state\": \"OFF\"}"}}

The light has power and it is actually off. The interface just shows the status as on.
See what happens here:

I have a light that does that once in a wile. Sometimes it will rejoin the network on it’s own. Sometimes when I’m impatient I’ll remove the bulb from the socket for a few second to reboot and it will rejoin within 10 min…

I had thought it was because it was on the edge of the network. So I moved it closer with in the network. It seemed to help. However it still has a problem sometimes. I think it’s maybe showing it’s age. As it’s one of the first bulb’s I purchased about four years ago (a GE smart link bulb).

Just some info that may be of help.