Factory Reset of Philips LivingColors IRIS 3rd Gen (7199960PH) and LivingWhites

I still have an old Philips LivingColors IRIS 3rd Gen (7199960PH) which i would like to pair with a zigbee2mqtt-CC-Coordinator.

Do I interpret the warning under the link correctly, that I can’t perform a factory reset of the lamp with the remote control itself later - but I can via touchlink via the zigbee2mqtt-CC-Coordinator?

If the coordinator is set to ‘Permit_join: false’ then and does not immediately connect to the lamp again, can I use the 3rd Gen remote control to connect to the lamp again via Zigbee Light Link (ZLL)? I would like to avoid having a lamp at the end that is not operable without the CC-Stick.

I also have a LivingWhites socket adapter. Does anyone know how it works with zigbee2mqtt? Spontaneously I didn’t find it under the supported devices, although it should work with the Hue Bridge.