Flashing CC2531 with Downloader Cable

I have used a Downloader cable to flash my CC2531. However when trying to flash it and run the ./cc_chipid command. it keep return ID = 0000 , I have check the wirings it is all connected correctly. but unfortunately still giving ID = 0000.

Next, i tried again reinstalling and connecting it again, but sometimes it return ID = ffff . It get weirds suddenly ID = 0000 , then ID = FFFF , then sometimes might not return anything once i did the ./cc_chipid command. I had followed alot of tutorial from Zigbee2mqtt , a personal blogger and also youtube. Everything gaves the same return value.

Tutorial 1: Alternative flashing methods | zigbee2mqtt.io

Tutorial 2: Marrold’s Blog: Flashing a CC2531 Zigbee Dongle with the zigbee2mqtt firmware using a Raspberry Pi

I’m using this for my school project and the dateline is near, ordering a different CC2531 or the downloader cable would take month to arrive. Is there any idea what should i tried next? .