Gledopto', 'gl-c-008'],

Hello all

Am I using node red and mosquito in a pi.
Albeit I believe none of the above is the main reason why I can only dim my GL-C-008.

Does anyone has a specific MQTT commands to this devicr

For my GL-FL-004TZ I use e.g.:
Publish to topic: zigbee2mqtt/BUITENLAMP/set
Set color
{“brightness”: 250 , “transition”:25, “color”: {“r”:255 ',“g”:0 ',“b”:255}}
Set white temperature
{“brightness”: 128 , “color_temp”:418,“transition”:0}

Not sure if it’s possible to combine. Your GL-C-008 comes in different types with 1 or 2 ID’s for seperate control of RGB and CCT.


Thank you for your support, the color i only get red, not working the with temperature.

do you know to check this types 1 and 2?


Only red doesn’t sound too good. I think hardware of the different type is the same, as the price is equal. Firmware is different. Probably you should receive 2 hardware ID’s and 2 devices in you network. Where did you order? Maybe your supplier can tell you about the ID’s?

I Have red a several of issues raised , and I believe that the issue is still with the integration of this equipment within Z2M

Laurent J via Zigbee2mqtt escreveu no dia domingo, 24/03/2019 à(s) 08:47:

Is it possible to control RGB and CCT separately at the same time witg GLEDOPTO RGB-CCT products? So mix white with rgb colors?

Yes I believe so, but i dont have the technical expertise to explain the problem,

Hello all , my mistake I need to use a 24V power source