Having network issues

for some reason after 3 years of using zigbee my network started to go crazy
i have allot of LQI error for the routrers

not sure what has changed , after trying to get it to work mostly by re paring all devices
nothing seems to work, only a reboot for the routers and cordinter will make it work for some time

i thinking of creating a new cordinter and reparing all again maybe it will solve my issue

anyone can help here?

You need think what might have changed. ZigBee works on 2.4GHz the same as wi-fi, microwave ovens, hi-fi headphones, Wiser heating devices and so on. Got anything new recently? New neighbours maybe.

Have you moved anything about, i.e repositioned something?

Maybe something has gone faulty. If you’ve got a spare coordinator or router try a “shotgun” replacement approach to try to identify faulty device.