How to query an aqara sensor status (with node red)

Hi there, I read about getting a zigbee device’s status with /get like described here

Is this true for my aquara door sensor? (

Because, it gives me messages when I switch (move the magnet), but I would like to ask also lets say every 12 hours what it’s status is, but I did not succeed yet. I am also unsure how to format the message… just sending the topic "zigbee2mqtt/Door1/get without payload seems not to work…

Battery powered devices such as the Aqara door sensor sleep to save power when they don’t actually need to send a status message. In general, you won’t be able to actively query a sensor unless it is mains powered.
The Aqara sensors generally send a sort of “heartbeat” message every 50 minutes or so. You can use that to check that the sensor is still “alive” and to record the battery voltage and link quality.

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Thank you, that helps a lot to understand all this sensors!

My Aqara door sensor (not sure about the actual model) sends link quality updates every now and then. That value is not constant but varies. This is what I use to see if it’s still connected.

My Aqara temperature sensors (also battery powered) are a bit more chatty, no idea why. And, of course, mains-powered devices send their link quality every couple of minutes.