Hue dimmer switch issue + updating zigbee2mqtt

Hi all,

I’m using Zigbee2mqtt for almost a year now without any major issue … except one. From time to time, one of my Hue dimmer switches stops working (red light when clicking any button). So far I have been able to repair them, except my last switch. I think I have tried everything, resetting, etc. but no success.
It seems quite similar to this bug report. But just in case : do you have any additional advice on how to pair the switch again?

The solution might be to upgrade everything : firmware + z2m version. Since everything was working fine, I’m still running with a quite old setup : z2m v1.1.1 and firmware 20190109.

My question is: is there anything I should be aware of before upgrading my CC2531 + z2m? I trully don’t want to repair everything…


Concerning my Hue switch, I was finally able to pair it back by first removing it from the network, deleting entries in database.db, and adding it back.

Now, I’ve just updated my installation (firmware 20190109 to 20190608 & z2m 1.1.1 to 1.5.1), and … nothing works anymore. I was expecting not to have to repair averything as a firmware update should not require it anymore. Any idea?

pan_id has been silently incremented. Changing it to the previous value + 1 made the trick, everything is working well so far.