Hue Motion Sensors Stopped Working

I noticed the last few days that lights would periodically turn on through the day, as my motion sensor picked up movement despite there being none.

I palmed it off as the sensor being too sensitive. However today, I noticed that the sensors have stopped picking up movement altogether.

Looking at the logs, nothing is being received, apart from the very intermittent false alarms.

Now I haven’t changed anything in a good few weeks, so its odd that it has just stopped.

I tried a spare Hue Motion Sensor I had in a cupboard, and its got the same issue. I’ve tried setting the sensitivity to ‘high’, and that’s not helped.

At the moment, I’m questioning whether both sensors no longer work, or maybe the network is congested?

I have produced a network diagram, but I’m finding it incredibly hard to decipher, maybe someone here will have a better chance at reading the mess!

I have also tried new batteries!
Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh I fixed it!

All I did was issue a remove command and factory reset the sensor.

I did try resetting earlier, but it didn’t seem to work - maybe removing it first is better?

Either way, all good now!