Ikea Floalt LED panel, pairing just fine, but the ikea remote control stop working

Hello All,

I’ve got an Ikea floalt with an ikea remote control to control it.
I’m using hassio.

I paired the Floalt with the zigbee2mqtt by controlling the master switch 5 to 6 times on-off, and HA find the device. From then on i can control the floalt light within HA.

But right after that the ikea remote control stopped working.

I tried to push the pairing button on the remote control for 10 seconds close to the floalt panel, and then the remote control is paired again and working, but then HA is’nt working anymore.
So i’m seeking a possibillity to control the floalt panel with the ikea remote control and with HA.

Some month’s ago, for a test, i setup the zigbee2mqtt on domoticz, and then it worked to control the floalt panel with domoticz and the ikea remote control, so it should be possible?.

Is there something in the configuration? maybe someone can help me.


Hello all,

Solved it myself :wink:
Turned out to be the distance between the raspberry hassio and the floalt mounted at the ceiling upstairs.
So i extended the raspberry to upstairs, and made another pair and now both devices are working as it should. topic can be closed.