IKEA Tradfri E1810 does not show up in Domoticz

I am running Zigbee2mqqt on RPI and Domoticz on another RPI. In Domoticz I can only see the signal strength device of the extra CC2530 router.
The Tradfri E1810 is successfully paired according to the journal log.

Via the MQTT explorer I can see the router and the tradfri messages :slight_smile:

{“linkquality”:5,“battery”:100,“action”:“toggle”,“device”:{“ieeeAddr”:“0x000d6ffffe343d9c”,“friendlyName”:“tradfri”,“type”:“EndDevice”,“nwkAddr”:61479,“manufId”:4476,“manufName”:“IKEA of Sweden”,“powerSource”:“Battery”,“modelId”:“TRADFRI remote control”,“hwVersion”:1,“swBuildId”:“1.2.223”,“dateCode”:“20190211”,“status”:“online”}}

But… the Tradfri E1810 device does not show up in Domoticz, any suggestions?

Solved by updating https://github.com/stas-demydiuk/domoticz-zigbee2mqtt-plugin :see_no_evil: