Informations about Zigbee Network

Hi all,
I’ve read the doc about the zigbee Network, but I’ve some questions:

A single coordinator can serve max 20 clients, that’s ok.
How is the range of a coordinator with 2531 USB Stick (no additional antenna)?

If I add a router, the clients are selecting the best route automatic or do I need to do something more?

As soon I’ve setup a router, it will need to be paired with the coordinator? In case how?

Can I understand who is using the router or who is connecting directly to the coordinator?

And the link quality of a device connected to the coordinator using the router, is referred to the distance betwen end device and router, right? Not from router to coordinator… that would not made much sense, because the path would be always the same.

Thanks for the help!


Yes, it’s automatic

Yes it will, and you follow the instructions for the router. If that’s the CC2530 then all you have to do is enable joining in Z2M and then provide power to the CC2530.

Yes, you can graph the mesh.

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Hello @Tinkerer, thanks a lot for the informations!!

How is the direct children limit managed? For example when I add 20+ bulbs (with router functionality) which are in a short range of the coordinator and they all have equal signal strength between the coordinator and the router.