Lidl Christmas lights

Hello, I recently got the Lidl christmas lights and I’m trying to add support for them.

So far so good with the following in devices.js:


        fingerprint: [

            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_s8gkrkxk'}


        model: 'Lidl Christmas String',

        vendor: 'Silvercrest',

        description: 'Silvercrest Christmast lights 20m',

        supports: 'rgb, on/off',

        fromZigbee: [

            fz.on_off, fz.tuya_led_controller


        toZigbee: [

            tz.tuya_led_controller, tz.ignore_transition, tz.ignore_rate


        onEvent: tuya.setTime, // Add this if you are getting no converter for 'commandSetTimeRequest'

        meta: {

            configureKey: 1,


        configure: async (device, coordinatorEndpoint) => {

            const endpoint = device.getEndpoint(1);

            await bind(endpoint, coordinatorEndpoint, ['genBasic']);


        exposes: [e.light_colorhs()]


But I’m wondering if there is any way to discover the effects it has to try and add support for that too.

I ended up sniffing the traffic from the Lidl gateway + light string and I’ve uncovered everything the lidl app can do and documented the protocol.
But I’m unsure of how to implement this in the shepherd converter.

Here are my notes:

Hi, having the same issue with these lights.
Can’t seem to figure it out yet…
The on/off is functioning properly, but that’s all for now.

What set-command did you use in order to change its color?
I guess I’m missing something…

Got it: ‘{“color”:{“h”:300,“s”:100}}’ :grimacing:

Hmm, strange. It doesn’t work for me. Just flashes and then turns off. I think it’s because mine is in some kind of function.

I opened this issue:

I hope to figure it out by myself soon and make a pull request.

Read the code is; nice!
Now we’ll wait for new devbranch tomorrow…