Lonsonho TUYA wall switch

Anyone have instructions how to pair this light switch ? On manual there is not anykind of procedure told…


Thnx !

Answering to myself, when light off, just keep button pressed until its led starts blinking.

Do you know if it’s possible with this switch to only send a signal but not actually switching the current (keeping lights on) when pressed?

I dont think so, it is hardwired so it would not make sense to internally Send signal and then react to it, or not, by some sort of rule.

Buy wireless switch maybe? Or some switch That recognices long press.

Thanks. That or a motion sensor could be an alternative.

I have it (EU with neutral - 1/2/3 gang) but I have problem because end device (motion detectors) when connected through this switch work for 1-2 hour and then disconneted ;/ Can you help?

Are your devices Xiaomi devices?

Yes there are Xiaomi motion

xiaomi devices do not cope very well with other brands, might be just that.

Hi guys, just bought one, there are no gestures available, like double-click, longress? Thanks