'MAC no ack' (233) with Ikea Tradfri Bulb

I am using a Ikea Tradfri LED1732G11 bulb with Zigbee2MQTT but it’s periodically becoming unresponsive with the error 'MAC no ack' (233) . Rebooting everything solved this issue previously but it has now returned and I can’t see to resolve it, even after re-pairing and trying the bulb in another location.

In total I have 44 devices made up of a mixture Tradfri and Xiaomi. I am using the latest source routing firmware on a CC2531 coordinator. I am not having any issues with any other device on the network.

I am curious what the most likely cause of this issue is, is it a fault with the bulb, perhaps I have too many devices for a CC2531 to cope with, or something else?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Any suggestions? I’ve taken the bulb out of service and everything has been behaving for almost 2 weeks. Is it a hardware issue?