Migrate from sonof dongle e (yes new one ) to dongle p

Hi all.

Like others my dongle E network becomes completely unresponsive ie all.devices go offline.

Today i have time to test and sees if it’s a repeater issue. (I added IKEA tradfi repeaters to network about four months ago )

If i can’t work it out Would you recommend migrating to sonof dongle p? I have a brand new one. I have 40 ZigBee devices. And assume I’d have to repair ? The guide doesn’t specify if you need to re pair for this case.

Thank you.

def need to go to the Sonof dongle P. any tips on migrating would be greatly appreciated.

I think i can do something similar to this but keen to see what steps are different for z2mqtt migration radios. Backup and Migrate Your Home Assistant Zigbee Network! - YouTube