Motion sensor with short sleep

I am looking for a zigbee motion / proximity sensor in order to turn the light on / off.
I tried the Xiaomi Aqara human body movement sensor, but it goes to sleep for 60 seconds after each activation. That means that I need to let the light on for at least 60s. If set the timer off the light to 40s, the light will turn off even if I am still in the room (because the sensor is in sleep mode for still 20 seconds).
I tried the hardware modification (mentioned in the previous link). I succeeded for one out of five sensors. It gets pretty expensive (the unsuccessful operations result in useless sensors).

So I am looking for another sensor with the following spec:

  • zigbee
  • small (like the aqara sensor)
  • a sleep time of at most 10 seconds
  • cheap (less than 15 € / units)
  • (Optional) adjustable mounting (like the aqara).

Philips Hue motion is quite good, but far too expensive (40€).
Do you know any alternative ?

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One option Is to short a couple of contacts in the xiaomi. Works. Google for xiaomi motion sensor hack