Move from homebrew to herdsman questions

I have a homebrew system built using a Telegesis (Silicon Labs) ETRX357. I have custom handlers for each type of zigbee device I use that account for their individual quirks.

I’m considering a move to zigbee herdsman so I no longer have to maintain that portion of the code myself. There are some problems I have had to solve over the years with my device that I’m wondering if have been solved in hersman.

1: Sequence numbers. Sometimes packets can take multiple routes. I suspect this isn’t normal zigbee behavior but has happened before on my network, especially often after power failures. Devices like the Iris Button and Smartthings button, when a packet takes multiple routes it will arrive at the coordinator twice and is interpreted as two presses. This is problematic when these buttons control a toggle, which most of mine do. I solved this problem by storing the sequence number and throwing out duplicates. How would zigbee-herdsman handle this?

2: Broadcasts. My etrx device has a firmware bug related to broadcasts. (Sending group commands). It is supposed to allow 8 broadcasts per 8 seconds and throw out any beyond that (A1 error). Most of the time this works correctly, however, often it will only allow 1 broadcast per 8 seconds before returning A1. How does zigbee-herdsman handle broadcasts? I’m hoping there is not a limit.

3: IAS enrollments. How does zigbee-herdsman handle IAS enrollments? Is there a limit to the number of IAS devices that can be in the zone table? My etrx has a max of 14 zone table entries, though this has not seemed to stop new devices from enrolling.