Move from USB to Ethernet coordinator

I’m currently running z2m as a Hass plugin with the Sonoff USB dongle E plugged directly into my hypervisor proxmox that is passing the USB port to my home assistant os VM.
I want high availability for HAss so I’m planning on migrating it to a proxmox cluster so the VM could run on any of my 3 hypervisor.
Issue is of course USB is not suited for that, not all 3 machines can be plugged at the same time to the Sonoff dongle.
I was looking at buying a network coordinator I have seen there is an open source compatible one for around $100… But I also remembered that I have a raspberry pi 3 doing nothing in my closet. It would probably allow me to not repair all my devices (53 of them) if I could find something running on the raspberry to turn the USB into serial over Ethernet.
Do you know of something that would work with z2m that could do the trick for me or should I shell out for the supported Ethernet coordinator and re-pair all my devices and routers ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi, thats quiet easy. You can install an raspian and then use usbip to share local USB devices for your network. At the host you can use also usbip to attach the remote USB devices. When they are attached, you can use them as local devices.

But be warned: i used this for different devices (like 3D-Printer, Sonoff USB-Zigbee Stick, Webcams). It works very well, but when the Device disconnects for some reason (network problem, power outage, …) you have to detach and attach the devices again. For that you have to stop Hass, detach at the host, stop sharing on the raspi, start sharing, attach and then you can start your Hass VM again.

Because of this, i changed to a ethernet attached Zigbee-Stick. You can build your own with a Sonoff USB 3.0 Stick and the cheap “FS100P Seriell to Ethernet converter modul USR-TCP232-T2”. With this solution zigbee2mqtt connects to tcp://:. It reconnects (or restarts) automatically if the connection is lost and after 2-5 minutes everything is up and running again.