Multiple CC2531 USB Sniffer

Hi, Is it possible to plug 2 or 3 CC2531 USB sniffer on the same raspberry pi and run multiple instance of zigbee2mqtt to directly enable more than 15 devices ? T
Thanks for your help !

Why not just add a router?

Yes, using 2 docker images. it should be possible, although I did not try it yet.
You will have to map the two images on two different volumes and map the right device for each.
Careful from unplugging and plugging the devices might swap their names, so you could use a more reliable devices identification.
Adding a router is a recommended alternative indeed, but if for some reason you do want that, then why not ? I’m running two instances myself but on two different raspberry pi, and it’s not fun maintaining two of them, but at least if one is lost, I only have to pair half of the devices :slight_smile:

Even with a CC2531 stick you should be able to handle way more devices than 15. I currently run over 50…