Need to reflash between adding each new device?

Can it be the case that I am needing to reflash my CC2531 between adding each and every new device? I’m nearing the limit of direct children. I wasn’t able to add any devices at all for months and finally plucked up the courage to reflash my CC2531 stick which worked a treat. Straight away I was able to add a Xfinity keypad which had flatly refuse to show any interest in pairing up until then.
In addition an IKEA Fytur blind showed up as a ‘failed’ interview device which wouldn’t allow itself to be removed. I put the Fytur blind into pairing mode and suddenly it disappeared. This was a good result as I wanted to tangle with the blind later!

Anyway I thought ESPECIALLY as I’d got rid of the blind, I would be able to add a new CC2531 as a router, but it refuses to even think about joining the network. It just flashes red. Anyway I took it to a friend’s house and tried to connect it to HIS Zigbee2MQTT and CC2531 and it more or less immediately connected.

Of course I will shortly be reflashing my CC2531…but can this be correct, that this is necessary? I thought the reflash I did the other day would have been a one off?


No. You shouldn’t need to reflash before adding each device, the cc2531 should just be able to enter pairing mode and allow you to add more devices. You say you are “nearing the limit of direct children”. Is it possible you are at this limit? I had this exact same problem when I hit the limit. Flashing would allow one more, but drop one too causing me lots of problems.