Network_key value

I am using z2m 1.16 with an old CC2530 usb.
I tried to update to 1.22 but it fails to start and looking into documentation it seems related to my legacy hardware.
No problem: I am going to order a new stick.

What bothers me if that I messed up with the network and even if I used a backup with good data directory I lost the pairing with every decide.
I suppose that the problem was the changing of the network_key and/or ext_pan_id.

So I would like to pin every values in my configuaration.yaml file but I don’t know where these values are.

I see some configuration files like this:

network_key: *****************************
  pan_id: 0x165a
  ext_pan_id: ********************

Where I can find these values (even with debug on I still don’t see all the values.

Using zigbee-herdsman with settings: '{"adapter":{"concurrent":null},"backupPath":"/opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/coordinator_backup.json","databaseBackupPath":"/opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/database.db.backup","databasePath":"/opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/database.db","network":{"channelList":[25],"extendedPanID":[221,221,221,221,221,221,221,221],"networkKey":"HIDDEN","panID":6754},"serialPort":{"path":"/dev/ttyACM0"}}'