New Aqara OPPLE switches

The weird thing is: These switches do nothing together with home assistant, but they all turn OFF ALL zigbee devices in my network with button 1 (the one with the LED), and turn them ON with button 2. Good that I didn’t have my 3d printer running at the time (it’s connected behind an INNR wall socket switch). :wink:

Same surprise here.
Once binded the opple swith (2 button version for me) is not detected yet, even with zigbee2mqtt-edge … However, once pushing a button all my light toggle together… That’s… fun.

Just got mine from Bangood. All 6 buttons recognised after long reset press.

info 2020-02-06 13:12:53: MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/0x04cf8cdf3c77c649’, payload ‘{“battery”:“100.00”,“voltage”:3200,“linkquality”:123,“action”:“button_6_single”}’

I have the same strange behaviour. The Switch controls ALL my Zigbee-Devices. Does anyone know, what causes that behaviour and how to avoid it?

And did anyone get the “Doulble Click” working? I only receive single click on 1 - 6 and hold/release on 3 - 6.

does any got it working to bind the 6 band opple to 3 seperate groups ?
bind 1 & 2 = group 1
bind 3 & 4 = group 2
bind 5 & 6 = group 3

I just for testing-purposes I have bound it to a group, but now;
button 1 and 2 = on/off
button 3 and 4 = dimm down/up
buttun 5 and 6 = color changes…

anyone got it working they way I want ? (but then without HASS)

Btw. Updating to latest dev-Version solved my issues with Opple switches. All are working fine.

I have tried to do the same and in the end gave up on it. I believe it is not possible because opple does not have different endpoints for the individual switches (or per 2 switches) therefore it will always bind as one device with the particular button actions as you describe.

I realize I am replying to a 3 year old post, but did you ever figure out if binding the Opple 3 band to 3 different groups is possible?