New device help - FireAngel ZB-Module


Hope somebody can help me with adding a new device to the supported list.

I have a FireAngel ZB-Module which can be used in FireAngel Smoke/ Heat or Carbon Monoxide alarms.

I have successfully paired the module (Installed in the FireAngel ST-630 Heat alarm) to the co-ordinator.

The problem which I have is triggering actions as I can’t really simulate a fire for the heat detection.

There is a compliance document available on the zigbee alliance website which documents codes but I’m unsure how to decipher these.

I use the ha add-on container for communication with the co-ordinator.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks.



I have a Fireangel Carbon Monoxide detector with ZB-Module but I cannot get it working with zigbee2mqtt. The device is not sending anything to my MQTT queue. Did you manage to get it working?


Hi Tomasz,

Unfortunately I have not progressed anywhere with the zb-module because I don’t have the time. I can confirm that mqtt is receiving packets but I have yet been able to decipher them.

I managed to get it working. I opened PR to zigbee-herdsman-converter hopefully it is getting merged soon:

Good work!

The ZB module is showing up as a device on zigbee2mqtt device list. Ace!

Problem is the zb-module must use the same message for the monoxide status as for the smoke or heat status.

Therefore my heat alarm is returning monoxide clear for the heat alarm. I wonder if there is a way to add the zb-module dependant on the host device type?

apologies to reserrect an old topic… just wanted to ask a question about these modules! Once you replace the existing wifi module with this zigbee module, do you lose wifi interconnection between the units? I assume so?