New Firmware from 17th of April 2020 documentation

With the release of 1.14. yesterday I noticed that has been released a new firmware. Is there any documentation what has been changed? I can neither find an entry in this forum nor on GitHub. Can anyone give me a hint?

@Koenkk Sorry for the interruption: Before I install the firmware, it would be really good to know what changes have been made. If they are only minor changes, you can save yourself the effort if necessary. Thanks a lot in advance.

The repository shows that the documentation for compiling has been adjusted. The development environment SimpleLink from Texas Instruments has been upgraded to a newer version (
Then the sources were probably recompiled with the new environment. The binary files change with a new compiler, even if the sources are unchanged.

Thanks. So actually no real benefit and no real need to update?

Actually, a whole lot has been changed. Be aware that this is a major version bump (v3 -> v4) so there may be things that no one has expected.

Here’s a changelog: