New Xiaomi Mijia light sensor

Hi all,
I noticed a new light sensor on Aliexpress. Is there already integration planned for this one. Really like to add it to my home automation!


small FYI the PIR sensor can also give light
also from [Xiaomi , not sure if its the same quality but also i never used the reading from it other then grafna , reading seems logical , but i not sure if finetuned

Hi @aihysp thanks for the response. I know the PIR should be able to do that, however with Home Assistant (my platform) I never managed to get that working. It did work in Domoticz. Also there are different versions of the PIR, some do and some don’t give light levels.

i am not using HA , i am taking the output dirctly from the broker
there you must find this… i just dont see the point of having a sensor that is doing only one thing
and also its more expsnive …

tell me what are you palning to achive with light sense?

i was never able to think of flow that i need that

It’s not really a pain, but the use case is switching on livingroom lighting based on actual natural light levels. I now switch on lights based on sunset with a fixed offset. When its a dark cloudy day, thats to late, when its a sunny day it’s to early.

I have one but seems like this sensor does not send anything except paired with CC2531.

Does the new sensor update at an interval? The one from the Aqara motion sensor only seems to update when it detects motion.

That behaviour I see with all aqara sensors, a temperature sensor also only sents its data when something changes. Might be the same for the light sensor.

Hmm atleest my RTCGQ11LM with illumance sensor does not update if I shine a bright light on it (out side of the motion detect range) or if I wait a long time either.

Detecting motion does trigger an update. Might need to order one of these to test if they update, every hour or on big change would be much better.

If its a good illum. Sensor it will not respond to a fashlight or something allle. Only real ambient light is affecting it. Don’t know If that is The case with the Aqara’s, never testen it.

It makes no difference what the light source is… is a flashlight “unreal”?

Any good luminance sensor will report the light level, whether that’s from the sun, or some closer object.

Don’t agree here because it should measure sun (or ambient) light to enable switching on the indoor lighting without… getting triggered by the artificial light and switching everything off again. I’ve seen the cheap embedded sensor in the motion sensor behave like this also. But we are getting of topic here, its about the support for the new light sensor here…