No friendlyname with CC1352P-2

I switched from CC2531 to CC1352P-2. For this I installed zigbee2mqtt completely from the scratch and saved the previous yaml configuration back. I can pair the devices, but unfortunately the friendlyname is not resolved as before with

mosquitto_sub -d -t zigbee2mqtt/#

I am using mosquitto under openHAB. What could be the reason for this?

Hi, I did the same migration from a CC2531 to a CC1352P-2 device.
Although I had friendlynames in my configuration.yaml for every device, most of the devices showed up with the ID as friendlyname inside MQTT. The trick was to bring down MQTT, remove the database and bring it up again. And then restart zigbee2mqqt.
Upfront I was afraid to delete the MQTT database, but it didn’t to any harm and I had my friendlynames back.