Noob Question - NR z2m device offline detection

I am now on v5 of my home automation system over 25 years

Now making the centre of my iot world NR and all zigbee on zigbee2MQTT.

Using the zigbee2MQTT nodes I can see a green circle below the device showing online, and a red circle indicating device offline.

But for all my grovelling through all the fields I cannot find state=offline or state=online or something like that.

Can anyone tell me how to detect in a switch an offline state?

And is there anyway in NR I can monitor / report any device going offline without having to check each one by name - I am sure there is :slight_smile:

Thank you

I think you have to enable the availability check at the settings of your zigbee2mqtt webpage. To do that, go to the webpage of your zigbee2mqtt instance, go to settings, availability and activate simple or advanced.

Yes, with a small wildcard it’s possible. Everytime a device changes its availability you get the payload “offline” or “online” on topic “zigbee2mqtt/+/availability”. The wildcard (+) will later be replaced by z2m with the real friendly name of the device.

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Perfect will try it!!

Works a Treat!!! Put a switch on it to report only devices that are not payload.state=online


Thank you soooooomuch

Very good. I’m glad to hear that. :grinning: